L’Ortrugo: another actor among Piacenza wines,Gutturnio’s festive companion is the Ortrugo dei Colli piacentini.A DOC Wine whose history is closely linked to the agricultural culture of the area.  Considered in the past only as cutting grapes, it was rediscovered and vinified in purity in the 60s to quickly become the most consumed white wine on the tables of the territory. An indispensable companion for tortelli, panzerotti,battered vegetable and fish dishes.

Malvasia di Candia Aromatica: A seductive and fascinating white wine from Piacenza.  The bridge between mediterranean culture and local culture is Malvasia, from Piacenza and more precisely Malvasia di Candia.

Aromatica. A wine whose grape variety reaches us between history and legend from the Eastern Mediterranean where from Greece and Malta it began its journey to be brought by Venetian merchants to Italy. This journey through the Mediterranean preserves its charm and mystery by bringing its intense aroma to the table in the dry sparkling version and in the sweet version with which we also produce our aromatic Candia Malvasia Passito wine.

Other Piacenza white wines we produce are Pino Grigio Piacentino and Muller Thurgau.

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