Among our Piacenza red wines,Gutturnio is the protagonist of the territory in the still Superior version and in the traditional sparkling version.Gutturnio is made by the perfect combination of Barbera and Bonarda,it is a wine full of history that accompanies us on a wine journey between past and present ,born in Roman times and also mentioned by Cicero.

The Superior version accompanies meats,roasted coppa, boiled and typical game dishes while the sparkling Gutturnio is perfect paired with typical Piacenza cold cuts,coppa ,salami,pancetta,or accompanied by traditional gnocco fritto or Pisari a faso.

Followed by Bonarda dei Colli Piacentini and Barbera dei Colli Piacentini is the dry still or sparkling versions.Finally we produce Zilianum ,made from 100% Merlot grapes, a dry still wine sold in litre bottles and sparkling Fortana from 100% homonymous grapes,also sold in litre versions.

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