A family, a territory,a history. The Civardi Racemus agriturismo welcomes us in one of the most beautiful places on the hills of the Val Tidone in Montecucco di Ziano Piacentino. Among the family vineyards, the wine cellar, the restaurant, the production of lavender, aromatic herbs and vegetable gardens free from pesticides, the agriturismo is the beating heart of Civardi Racemus. From the earth to the table, from the trees to the jars, from the vine to the glass,and from the aromatic herbs to their perfumes, the energy vibrates jumping from one member of the family to another from a strong arm that carries two crates of grapes to hand that quickly rolls the fresh pasta.

The scents of home-made preserves of fruit and vegetables, original recipes handed down on yellowed family cookbooks,the almost magical ability to knead, cut and fill tortelli, anolini and fresh pasta as small as jewels. It is the attention to detail that makes Civardi Racemus agriturismo the best holiday location in the Val Tidone. Here you can follow the natural flow of the seasons and savor the aromas and scents in our menus, courses ranging from traditional Piacenza dishes such as tortelli, Piacenza anolini in broth and pisarei a faso ,traditional dishes of game and fresh vegetables or PDO Piacenza cold cuts from the surrounding territory. The women of the Civardi family ; Silvia , Paola and their mother Laura are the undisputed masters of the kitchen with their innovative creations for the menu. Secret recipes are handed down from one generation to the next and the story of a family is brought to the table.


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