Our guests can relax and find the right balance in the Wellness Area, located on the ground floor, overlooking the farm garden.

The Turkish bath: water is health, even when it takes the form of a cloud of steam that surrounds the body. The Greeks, Romans and Middle Eastern people who made the Turkish bath a philosophy of life, discovered it in distant times. Unlike a sauna, the humidity reaches 100% and the temperature does not exceed 48 °C. Relax on a bench, covered with fine bisazza mosaic, in an impalpable mist ,while you can inhale the warm steam that decongests the breath, freeing every toxin through sweat, removing yourself from the surrounding space, only feeling the perception of your own body.

The Sauna: a ritual that has spread all over the world from northern Europe. In the sauna, the heat can reach temperatures of up to 100°C, but thanks to the low humidity(20-30%) it turns into a pleasant embrace that relaxes the muscles and promotes the purification of the organism. The wood gives off the scent of nature, a primitive invitation to re-discover the serenity of the mind by releasing all tensions. First build your sauna, then you’re home. This ancient Finnish saying tells how a simple hot and dry air bath can become the vital centre of one’s daily well-being.

The hydromassage: A bathtub, overlooking the private garden, with infinity edge, chromotherapy and retractable hydromassage. The micro jets of the whirlpool are hidden along the thin perimeter slot, which characterizes the innovative design. The well-being of the bathroom becomes enveloping and uniform, through the energy of the whirlpool and the balance of chromotherapy, distributed along the entire perimeter of the bath.

Relaxation zone: A quiet room in which to lie down and sip a herbal tea while enjoying the crackling sound and heat given off by the wood that burns in the fireplace.



Wellness Area
+ Wine Tasting

€ 40,00 / person


Wellness Area
+ Snack

€ 50,00 / person


Wellness Area
+ Dinner

€ 65,00 / person

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