Organoleptic characteristics

Visual aspect:Red foam,clear, a beautiful bright red ruby.

Olfactory aspect:Vinous and characteristic with harmonic notes of red fruits, quite intense and complex, full and round.

Taste aspect: Dry, full-bodied, harmonious and rightly tannic. Pleasantly sapid and lively in the mouth.

Serving suggestions: It goes well with a platter of mixed Piacenza cold cuts ,red meat main courses, roasts ,cheese and savoury first courses.

Alcohol content:13.5% vol.

Serve at: 10-12 °C

Sugar residue: 9.5 g/ l

Available in: 0,75l and Magnum 1,5l bottles

Produced by : Civardi Racemus

Technical data

Typology: Sparkling Red DOC

Production area: Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the Colli Piacentini DOC

Grapes: Barbara 60%  Bonarda Piacentina  40%

Yield in the Vineyard: 100 quintals/ ha

Vinification: red vinification with variable maceration from 8 days. After the primary fermentation, the sparking period in the autoclave begins, which can last from 1 to 6 months. In these days the mass is refermented from 1 to 3 atmospheres,tartaric and colour stabilization and finally bottling of the sparkling product with the help of refrigeration.

Vintage :2017


After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the conservation of Piacenza viticulture was guaranteed by the work of the Monks of San Colombano who made the famous monastery of Bobbio founded by Saint a monastic centre of primary importance for the whole of the Middle Ages. Since then and up to the present day the cultivation of the vine and the production of wine has continued without stopping and with remarkable results throughout the territory of Piacenza and its province.

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