Organoleptic characteristics

Visual aspect:Intense purple red with violet hues, effervescent  with lively foam.

Olfactory aspect: Intense perfumes typical of the vine, vinous, with light fruity and floral references.

Taste aspect:Definitely sweet,slightly tannic and unique in its sweet sparkling red expression.

Serving suggestions:It goes well with fruit pies,berries, chocolate desserts, amaretti and chestnut cake.It also accompanies perfectly a fruit salad of wild peaches.

Alcoholic strength: 7%

Serve at :12 °C

Sugar residue:93.60g/l

Available in : 0 .75l bottles

Technical data

Typology: Piacentini Hills, Sparkling Red DOC

Production area: Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the hills of Piacentini DOC

Grapes:100% Croatina

Yield in the vineyard:110 quibtals/ha

Vinification:Soft pressing of the grapes and maceration with frequent pumping over for a few days at low temperature, in order to slow down fermentation. Once the desired alcohol level is reached ,fermentation is stopped by refrigeration.The sparkling is obtained in an autoclave thanks to the natural refermentation.The sparkling wine is stabilized, filtered and bottled with isobaric machines to preserve the obtained sparkling.

Vintage :2015


The sex of wines, as well as that of angels ,has been tirelessly discussed . As for Barbera, experts say Barbera as well as for another famous wine Bonarda. Famous writers swing.Carducci produces this versei: “Generous Barbera./Drinking it, we seem to be alone in the sea/ challenging a storm”.Emilio De Marchi, from Milan, instead declines it for men: “After lengthening the Barbera with two big tears,he raised his glass and emptied it in one breath”.Gaber does not lose his balance:Barbera and champagne/together we drink…”and does not make us understand his intentions on the sex of our wine. Then there is the well-known verse from Pascoli: “Serba la purpura barbera…”very feminine.

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