Organoleptic characteristics

Visual Aspect: At first it is a bright pale straw yellow with numerous fine and persistent bubbles.

Olfactory Aspect: the perfume is typical of the grape variety, elegant with mineral and fragrant notes.

Taste Aspect: in the mouth it is dry, fresh with the characteristic finish, lively with long and pleasant persistence.

Serving suggestions: recommended as an aperitif  throughout the meal

Alcoholic strength:12% vol.

Serve at: 8°c

Sugar residue:  17.20 g/l

Available in: 0.75 L bottles

Produced by:Civardi Racemus

Technical data

Type: Dry sparkling wine

Production Area: Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the Colli Piacentini Doc

Grapes: Ortrugo  100%

Yield in the Vineyard:90 quintals/ha

Vinification: The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand with selection of the best bunches. The must from the pressing  is immediately separated from the skins and fermented will the addition of selected yeasts, at a controlled temperature. The wine obtained remains from 4 to 8 months in steel tanks in continuous batonnage to keep the noble lees in suspension. Subsequently, sweet must is added to start the slow referring patient in the autoclave which completes the delicate second fermentation. At the end of this phase, lasting about 6 months, the final bottling takes place.

Vintage: 2015


The harvest of Ortrugo grapes in purity takes place by hand, in advance of the normal ripening to obtain a significant fixed acidity content and a limited sugar content.

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