Organoleptic characteristics

Visual Aspect: crystalline and consistent. bright golden yellow

Olfactory Aspect: aromatic typical of the vine, honey, apples and dried apricots, intense, fine.

Taste Aspect: on the palate it is full, warm and rightly alcoholic

Serving Suggestions: ideal in combination with dry pastry desserts, but also with mature  cheese, honey and grape jelly.

Alcoholic Strength:11% vol.

Serve at:14-16°C

Sugar residue:115.1g/l

Available in:0.50l bottles

Produced by: Civardi  Racemus

Technical data

Type: Passito Doc

Production Area: Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the Colli Piacentini Doc

Grapes: aromatic Malvasia di Candia 100%

Yield in the Vineyard: 60 quintals/ha

Vinification: The grapes are harvested by hand to select and collect the ripest bunches in two/three successive stages. The long drying of the grapes takes place in a room and prepared until the moment of pressing, which generally takes place in December, with the fermentation of the skins.

Vintage: 2015


The idea of producing this wine stems from a request from the kitchen, which required combinations with important desserts, typical of the tradition such as Carnival deep-fried biscuits or other local specialities.Our company has a thermo ventilated, insulated and dehumidified room dedicated to withering. The air flow management ensures that a biologically healthy product is obtained. Another fundamental value is the claim not to replace nature but to simply imitate it.For this reason, we do not force the dehydration process, but only correct the room temperature and humidity if strictly necessary.

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