Organoleptic characteristics

Visual aspect: crystalline and pleasantly sparkling, light straw colour with greenish reflections.

Olfactory aspect: delicate, characteristic of the grape variety, with hints of white fruit.

Taste aspect:  medium sweet, bitter after taste, lively.

Food suggestions: generally it is defined as a wine for the whole meal but it is also able to improve any food, even truffles.

Alcoholic strength:12%

Serve at:10°C

Sugar residue:12.2g/l

Available in:0.75 l  bottles

Produced by:Civardi Racemus

Technical data

Type: sparkling white doc

Production area:Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the colli Piacentini Doc

Grapes: Ortrugo !00%

Yield in the vineyard:90 quintals/ha

 Vinification: The grapes are harvested exclusively by hand with consequent selection of the best bunches. The must from the pressing is immediately pressed and fermented  in special barrels with a temperature control to improve the final aromas and bouquets. Then it is filtered in order to keep the taste and the characteristic scents of the grape unchanged, the sugar level desired for the subsequent refermentation.

Vintage: 2017


The Ortrugo grape is native to the Piacenza hills and by studying the genome of the vine, confirmation of the uniqueness of the Ortrugo has been established. Always widespread throughout the territory, it was mainly used as a cutting grape. Starting in the 70s , it began to be verified in purity ,quickly becoming the most common local white wine. Since 2011,Ortrugo has taken on a specific Denomination of Origin. The first mention of the Grape dates back to 1818, when Bramieri mentioned it with the name of ”altruga” a dialectal expression that means ‘other grape’. Beginning its journey as a cutting grape it now shares equal status with other DOC varieties.

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