Organoleptic characteristics

 Visual aspects: clear, crystalline, greenish yellow, with a good consistency.

Olfactory aspect: intense, fragrant and delicate in a perfect melange.

 Taste aspect: dry, fresh, delicately aromatic.

Serving suggestions: it goes well with grilled fish and fish dishes, light appetizers soups and egg dishes.

 Alcoholic strength:12%

 Serve at:6-8°C

Sugar residue: 7.0 g/ l

 Available in: 0.75l  bottles

 Produced by:Civardi Racemus

Technical data

Type:  still white IGT

Production area:Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the Colli Piacentini DOC

Grapes:Muller Thurgau100%

Yield in the vineyard: 80 quintals/ha

Vinification: white vinification with immediate separation of the skins, slowly at a controlled temperature of about 17°C until the complete transformation of the sugars into alcohol. After a short refinement of five or six months on the lees in steel tanks, it is bottled.

 Vintage: 2017


Muller-Thurgau is the grape variety originally from geisenheim in Germany and was created in the late 19th Century, by crossing Riesling Rhine and Madeleine Royale by the Swiss winemaker Herman Muller Thurgau.The process involved floral pollination, or by putting the pollen of a father grape in contact with the flower of a mother grape. The cultivation of Muller Thurgau in Italy developed in 1939, concentrating mainly in Trentino Alto Adige but also in Val Tidone the fertile ground was ideal for this grape.

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