Organoleptic characteristics

Visual aspect: intense ruby red with elegant garnet nuances, consistent

Olfactory aspect:  intense and complex  fruity with hints of red berry fruit jam, morello cherry, plum and cloves.

Taste aspect: robust, velvety, with a full and elegant structure, good persistence.

Serving suggestions: suitable with red meat dishes, stew, game and strong cheeses.

Alcoholic strength:14%

Serve at:18-20°C

Sugar residue:<2.g/l

Available in: Bottles0.75L Jeroboam 3 l

Produced by: Civardi Raemus

Technical data

Type: still red DOC

Production Area:Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the Colli PiacentinI

Grapes: Barbera  60%, Bonarda Piacentini 40%

Yield in the Vineyard :80quintals/ha

Vinification: the grapes are harvested exclusively by hand with selection of the best punches. after sorting and destemming , there is Red Winemaking With maceration varying from 8 to 10 days .After about a year in steel, it follows an aging in “oak” barrels  for 12-months.

Vintage: 2016


Piacenza was founded by the legionaries of Rome in 218 BC as a military outpost, with the functions of control over the surrounding lands and defence in the context of the Second Punic War. Just in December of that year the Roman army suffered a historic defeat inflicted by the Carthaginians led by Hannibal in the famous Battle of Trebbia. The Roman soldier’s Mediterranean diet included the daily consumption of a litre of wine, which at the time was considered a real food. From the beginning the Romans therefore started the cultivation of wine vines throughout the province and especially on the hills, which have always been more suited to wine production. The ancient Romans loved to drink the best wine at the end of the banquets, after having poured it into glasses.

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