Organoleptic characteristics

Visual aspect: Bright ruby red,it has a pleasant and light foam.

Olfactory aspect: Vinous bouquet, with intense fruity hints such as cherry and wild blackthorn.

Taste aspect: On the palate it remains soft and fresh.

Serving suggestions: It goes well with soups, pasta dishes, omelettes and white meats.

Alcoholic strength:13% vol

Serve at: 18 °C

Sugar residue:15.0g/l

Available in : 1 l bottles

Produced by : Civardi Racemus

Technical data

Typolgy: Sparkling Red IGT

Production area: Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the Colli Piacentini DOC

Grapes : !00% Fortana

Yield in the vineyards: 110 quintals/ha

Vinification: After a soft destemming and a traditional maceration of the skins for three to four days, it is aged in steel barrels for a few months and then bottled with the traditional charmat method.

Vintage : 2017


The origin of Fortana can be traced back to Renata di Francia,Duchess of Ferrara, who, in 1528, would have bought some plants of this vine as a dowry from the Cote d’Or(Burgundy), known today as Fortana del Bosco Eliceo or Uva d’gold.As for the name it probably derives from “fruit tree” with reference to the prosperity of the vine and the richness of its grapes.We hear of this grape for the first time from Agostino Gallo who, in the middle of the 16th century ,describes its production and organoleptic characteristics in a treatise calling it with the name of Golden Grape.Its particular characteristic is that of being one of the few Italian “franco di foot” vines,since the sandy soil,typical of these areas ,did not allow the development of Phylloxera,therefore not making it necessary to graft on an American vine root.

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