Organoleptic characteristics

Organoleptic characteristics.

Visual Aspect: Garnet read and consistent.

Olfactory Aspect:  aromas of very ripe red berry fruit, spicy notes.

Taste Aspect: sweet full-bodied and full on the palate, slightly tannic.

Serving suggestions: perfect with dark chocolate and spicy desserts.

Alcoholic strength:13% vol

Serve at :12°C

Sugar residue: 40g/l

Available in:0.75 l bottles

Produced by: Civardi Racemus

Technical data

Type: Still red Val Tidone IGT

Production Area:Municipality of Ziano Piacentino in the Colli Piacentini DOC

Grapes:100% Croatina

Yield in the Vineyard: 70 quintals/ha

Vinification: The grapes are perfectly ripe not only on the skin but also internally and  picked by hand at the end of the harvest.The grapes are stored in large wooden boxes  in the company courtyard. The grapes further mature under the sun during the day and covered with sheets during the night to avoid mould attacks. Withering varies according to the Vintage, causing a net decrease in water, leaving sugars almost intact. The most evident visible consequence of this phase, in addition to the drying of the berries, is the weight loss of the bunches. Once the drying is finished, the grapes are pressed with a soft pressing and a slow fermentation at low temperature . This serves to ensure that sugars, due to the effect of yeast, are transformed into alcohol.



The history of the precious label of this wine is noteworthy. In October 2008 Maestro Ulisse Sartini , a world famous portrait artist, inaugurated his personal “ Angels messengers of light” at the Palazzo Gotico in Piacenza. On that occasion our winery was a sponsor of the reception and the Maestro paid tribute to us, for the rights of the poster of the exhibition as a thank you. At the time we had started producing an important new wine. Thus was born the name Angelico, marrying the pictorial art to the art of producing quality wines. The only format on the market regarding this wine is that of a Magnum, since it is designed and intended for a day of celebration.

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